A list of changes and updates to our projects.

August 2023


Pino sailed a bit more northward this month and went all the way to the octopus islands. We visited this place during a very windy week, with winds blowing 30-35 kts the entire time. We got acquainted with a few northern rapids, like Hole in the Wall and Surge Narrows. It is a bit of a mindfuck to think that in these waters the tide ebbs north and floods south.

This summer has been especially arid, and because of it the province has seen a lot forest fires (see pictures of our smokey transit). Trails that we know and love on Cortes Island, that are usually wet and muddy, were bone dry this year. We had a few days of hard rain, during that time we collect rain water and go for walks to look for slugs and snails.

Both of us have been drawing a lot this month, see this Neoneve portrait(Mastodon) by Devine(drawn with Oekaki), and this sketch thread(Mastodon) by Rek.

Pino book club

We have read Adam Wisniewski-Snerg's Robot, George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, and Michael A. Hiltzik's Dealers of Lightning.

July 2023


We spent many quiet days in roscoe bay, and then wandered over to melanie cove(2023.07.18) for a few days before moving to our favorite anchorage in Desolation Sound, hathayim marine park(2023.07.09). This inlet is quiet, and not overly busy, it is ideal for focusing on projects. We walk the 3 km trail to Squirrel Cove everyday. If we visit the same place multiple times, we like to append notes at the end of each page.

We have been hard at work reviewing wiktopher, and we're happy to announce that we've finished the first pass of corrections! We'll be doing many more passes, but this was a very big step. Rek has been drawing(Mastodon) a lot, and Devine has been working on their presentation for Strange Loop 2023.

Check out this amazing Uxn cheat sheet by Nettie!

Pino book & movie club

We are reading Lewis Carrol's Bruno and Sylvie. We re-watched Vampire Hunter D for the hundredth time.

June 2023


Pino spent the first few days of the month on land, having its bottom re-painted, and its various bits serviced and checked. We took our propeller apart for the first time.

We've added a few write-ups of our travels so far (see above entry with links under 100r.co), but the most significant one is our 46nmi sail up to princess louisa inlet, a long fjord on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, with an incredible gem at the end. It is an amazing, and unique place. We're glad we finally got to go. As we write this, we are in roscoe bay on West Redonda Island, tethering off a phone hoisted up the mast (it works quite well).

This summer we are power stable. We had issues last year because of parisitic draws due to old wiring (see dc electrical refit), but now everything is working as it should. We're charging our computers without an inverter, and that too is working out quite well so far (see charging electronics).

Together, Hikari and Lynn made chibicc-uxn, a c compiler for Uxn, and with it also released a port of the classic software Neko(xneko, oneko sakura).

Pino book & movie club

We are reading Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's Roadside Picnic. We've been re-watching Kaamelott(series, book 1-6) for the hundredth time.

May 2023


Pino is off the dock, and spending time at anchor. The weather has been excellent, and with days of full comes sun solar cooking! We baked some bread, and roasted some green coffee beans in the sun. We are enjoying some quiet days before we haul the boat out of the water at the start of June.

Devine's talk proposal to Strange Loop 2023 has been accepted, so parts of the summer will be collecting our notes and writing slides for the presentation in September.

The recording for the show Devine(Alicef) did with Anju Singh and Reylinn(visuals) last march for Biosonic on Galiano Island is online, watch it here.

We had a small impromptu logo jam event on Merveilles this month. Members of the community re-interpreted the logo, with illustrations, photo collages, and even food. See all of the entries so far. Nf just completed Fourtette, a block game. Devine provided guidance, Rek made the title screen art, and d6 provided music.

Pino book & movie club

We went to the theater for the first time in a long time, to see Suzume(2023). We have also finished reading Saint-Exupery's Courrier Sud.

April 2023


oquonie is out and it is playable! A big thank you to those who helped us test the game on a variety of devices and systems all the way to Windows95. This version of Oquonie differs a little from the original, in that some of the puzzles and secrets have changed. We hope that those who played the original will too enjoy this one. We have a special build of the game on itchio with the emulator and rom combined, if you have a false-negative virus warning on Windows 10, you will need to use the standard uxn32 emulator and rom.

We have watched as people implemented their own emulators and were able to play Oquonie on a Varvara of their own making. The current implementation documentation might need to be improved, if you have feedback for things that could be clearer, please let us know!

We published our experiments with solar cooking this month, and wrote a more detailed post on solar evacuated tube cooking. The real test will happen this summer. We plan to keep a log of everything we cook, how long it takes, and the conditions(sun, overcast, temp etc).

We're still closing a few projects aboard pino, to get it ready for some summer sailing. Our plans for now are loose, we're hauling the boat out of the water in early June, with plans to sail back towards Desolation Sound afterward, with a possible stop by Jervis Inlet.

Pino book & movie club

We're watching La Belle Verte by Coline Serreau.

March 2023


We spent the first half of March on Galiano Island in the Salish Sea for BioSonic(by ActivePassive), an event series exploring the intersections of music, art and biodiversity. On March 10th we gave a talk titled What Are Computers For?, see the art from the talk. The next day, Devine and Anju Singh performed together using orca, with Reylinn on visuals. A video of the perfomance and of the talk will be released soon, in the meantime, see photos of the talk and of the show, taken by photographer Dayna Szyndrowski.

We are still working on re-releasing oquonie. We spent the month of March playing the game, finding bugs, and fixing them. Oquonie will be playable next month.

This month we've been experimenting with solar cooking, to try to save on cooking fuel this summer. We are currently making tests, gathering data, and hope to share this with you all end of April. In the meantime, enjoy this amazing music by Xsodect, made using orca.

Pino book club

We're reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay and Julie Sussman.

February 2023


On February 14th, we celebrated our 7th year living aboard our beloved pino. It's also around this time 10 years ago that we were still living in Odaiba(Japan), and beginning our work on what would be our first game collaboration: oquonie.

The uxn port of Oquonie has advanced in incredible leaps this month. Rek has finished re-doing all of the assets. Devine is now working on the music, and finalizing some of the levels. We are testing the game as we go, and hope to release it sometime next month. Oquonie will be playable on a number of platforms, including the Nintendo DS(Mastodon), as well as the Playdate. See a small preview(Mastodon).

Early next month we are traveling to Galiano Island in the Salish Sea for BioSonic(by ActivePassive). We'll be part of an event series exploring the intersections of music, art and biodiversity. We'll give a talk on March 10th, and Devine will perform with orca on the 11th at the Galiano South Hall.

Watch Devine's set for Lovebyte 2023.

Pino book club

We're reading Courrier Sud by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

January 2023


This month, we started porting oquonie to uxn. This is a long time coming, but we weren't sure if it was possible to do, and we still had a lot to learn before even thinking of taking it on. Now, we think we are ready. We are re-drawing the sprites(Mastodon), and they look amazing. This is an important test for us, and for Uxn.

Here is a very adorable little Uxn sprite for Potato that comes up when a rom path was mistyped, see it also on the uxn page.

Pino book club

We're reading The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West by Edward Abbey.