December 2019


This month, we started learning 6502 assembly, in order to produce lasting versions of our tools and games.

As you know, Devine performed at React Day Berlin earlier this month, here are some photos of the event.

November 2019


We released our video for November, called 24 days at sea, as well as two separate blog posts about the passage called Doldrumming, and another about checking into Majuro called The Promise of Pancakes.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We simplified the splash page, and added information on all of the games and tools we've made, with more on the way.

October 2019


This month, we released a video of the first part of our Orca workshop. The workshop event at Foulab was very long, lasting about 1h45min, and so we decided to separate the video in 3. We hope this video will be useful to you all!

Devine will perform with ORCA at the React Day Berlin afterparty on december 6th at KOSMOS. If you're in town, save the date!

September 2019


This month, our talk for XOXO came out on YouTube! This was our first time speaking together in front of a large audience about our project — it went well, we hope you'll agree. In other news, we will also be hosting a livecoding ORCA workshop at Foulab on October 25th. If you're in the Montreal area and want to attend, you can get reserve your place here. The event is free, but space is limited so don't wait too long to get a ticket.

August 2019


This month, we released Noodle, a simple in-browser drawing tool. We also released our monthly video called Take care Pino, as well as a blog post called A home for Pino.

We traveled back to Canada, visiting Vancouver before heading down to Portland for our XOXO talk. The talks were recorded and will be online soon.

July 2019


This month, we re-released Ronin, our image processing tool. We made a tutorial video to explain some of the basic functions. We also released our monthly video called Back to Odaiba. As the title suggest, we return to visit Odaiba by bike, our old home in Tokyo.

In other news, Rek created mascot characters to represent each application we have in our tool ecosystem. Hope you like them!

June 2019


This month, Devine traveled to Amsterdam for JS Nation. We also released a new video called Projects for rainy days.

In other news, we will be traveling to Tokyo next month! We've also booked our flights for our visit to North America in late August. We will arrive in Vancouver on August 20th, in Portland on September 4th and in Montreal on September 10th — for our friends in the area, save the date!.

May 2019


This month, we traveled to Osaka to meet up with our friends from Alaska, and flew to the UK for Algomech. We also released a new video called Planes, trains and buses.

In other news, we can finally announce that we will be speaking at the XOXO festival in Portland. The event is on September 5-8, which means we'll be in North America for a little while! We are looking forward to it. Our floating studio also had a feature article in the May 2019 edition of the sailing magazine Latitude38..

April 2019


This month, we released a new blog post called Hello Fujisan, along with our latest video on Living aboard in Shimizu.

Next month, we will be traveling to Osaka by land and flying to the UK for the Algomech festival in the UK.

March 2019


Pino and its crew arrived safely in Shimizu. We love it here! The local yachties have been kind to us, seeing Mount Fuji everyday is also a real treat! Our plan in the coming month is to make repairs to Pino so we can go further south.

We released a new video this month called: Sailing to Shizuoka, Japan.

February 2019


We made it to Japan! It was a 21 day sail from Majuro, not an easy sail, but we made it! Pino arrived on February 16th to the offshore island of Chichijima, part of the Ogasawara group of islands that lie east of Tokyo. We spent two weeks here, eating good food, cycling, walking the numerous trails on the island and relaxing.

We released our video for February, which includes plenty of footage of Chichijima. The video is called Sailing to Japan.

Early March, we'll be heading over to mainland. We're aiming for Osaka. This is going to be a very difficult leg, you can follow our path here.

January 2019


We released our video for January, called The gardens of Majuro.

We will be in transit for most of the month of February. After 3 years of travel, we're heading to Japan. We're aiming to go to Chichijima first, an offshore island to the east of mainland Japan. We've never been there, and are looking forward to stepping on japanese soil once again.

Follow our path.

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