Change logs

A list of changes and updates to our projects.

December 2021


It is snowing, and we are cocooning. Our little woodstove is working hard. This month, we finally decided to release a paperback version of busy doing nothing.

In our last update log, we mentioned that we were trying to grow Lion's Mane mushroom, and we are happy to report that it was a success! It grew beautifully. Rek was so excited about the mushroom that they decided to draw some this month, this series focuses on varieties that grow on Vancouver Island.

In other news, we had an interview with the founder of Sourcehut, read it here. Also, our good friend Alderwick make us a very cool gift(YouTube).

Pino book club

We're reading Fantômes: Issue 1, with work by 18 talented artists, put together by Lizbeth. It is a eerie, and gorgeous zine, we strongly recommend the Mike Wolf version.

November 2021


This month, there was an intro to Uxn Programming(YouTube) workshop by Compudanzas, an event by Babycastles Academy. Give it a watch!

November was a very rainy month in Victoria, a perfect time for experiments in the galley. We are growing Lion's Mane mushrooms currently (a first for us), and we are continuing to lacto-ferment vegetables like kohlrabi, turnips, daikon, cauliflower and red onion. To learn how to do it, see our guide to lactofermentation.

Pino book club

We're reading The Summer Book by Tove Jansson (it's such a lovely book).

October 2021


This month, we found a used grain mill for Pino! Flour doesn't keep as well as whole grains, so we decided to start milling flour (wheat berries, soy beans or chickpeas) only as we need it. We only released a Guide to Lacto-fermenting vegetables on grimgrains.

Donsol is now available as an uxn rom on itchio.

See Devine's daily drawings series for October.

Pino book club

We're continuing our readings of The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury. Favorite shorts this month include The Long Rain, The City and Kaleidoscope.

September 2021


It is an early announcement, but end of June 2022 we will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME(New Interfaces for Musical Expression).

Rekka wrote an article on Saving Energy When Cooking Aboard for Noonsite.

Check out Eli's guide on installing Uxn on OS X, and Keijiro's version of Flappy Bird in UxnTal.

Our friends at Compudanzas have released part 6 of their Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial. This new chapter basically shows you how to build Pong!

Pino book club

We started reading The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury. Favorite shorts so far include There Will Come Soft Rains, The Coffin and There Was an Old Woman.

August 2021


This month, our little engine was fixed (read about it here) we've been sailing around the Gulf Islands, working from anchor. We also found Iggy's successor, a used fiberglass dinghy that we've named Teapot. We've been rowing it from ship to shore, and it's so, so nice. We stopped by Saltspring Island and got to meet the sailors on BosunBird, a couple who have traveled around the world on a Vancouver27. Their blog was an invaluable resource for us on our travels through Japan.

We've released a solid version of noodle, our drawing tool. Follow the tutorial on our website, or check out this amazing quick start guide by Polyducks. We also released niju, our little kana-learning game. Niju was a trial to see if we could design, write and assemble a project entirely within the Uxn computer.

Our friends at Compudanzas have released part 3, 4 and 5 of their Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial.

Pino book club

Help. We still haven't finished The Swarm by Frank Schatzing. It is terrible, but we can't stop.

July 2021


This month, Calcifer is being re-built. While we wait for that, we're working on more projects aboard. We added insulation to the v-berth, an attempt to keep Pino warm this winter. We created a new portal called boat projects on our wiki that covers most of the major construction projects we've done to the boat.

Our friends at Compudanzas have started writing an Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial. We recommend it to anyone interested in programming for the Uxn Computer. No prior understanding of stack-machines, or Assembly, required! The first covers basics, and the latest chapter focuses on learning to draw pixels on the screen.

If you missed Devine's performance at Flash Crash, you can watch it here.

Pino book club

We're reading Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor and The Swarm by Frank Schatzing.

June 2021


Pino and crew spent the first half of the month in the boatyard. We splashed back into the water on the 14th and moved to North Saanich to have access to a workshop with the goal of completing our dry toilet. We are documentating the entire dry toilet installation, with plans to update the page when we begin to use it. We are ALMOST done with this project.

We started working on niju, a hiragana/katakana review application. We used this project to test our the latest iteration of nasu so we could finalize the nasu guide.

On June 26 2021, Devine met up with the London SF reading group to talk about solarpunk, see their notes. On July 10th UTC 20:00, Devine will also perform with orca for Flash Crash.

See Uxn running on the ESP32. It is TOO adorable!

Pino book club

We're reading Nature as Measure by Wes Jackson, The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst by Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall and Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges.

May 2021


There has been a lot of activity on Uxn this month! It's exciting to see it work on a variety of devices, like the PS vita, Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS. We love the idea that most people already have the all hardware necessary to run our software.

We hosted a small cooking jam on Merveilles, feel free to peruse The Galley tag to see the recipes.

In Pino related news, we are moving north. First stop, the boatyard. We'll be doing a bunch of changes to the studio this week, like removing and replacing old thruhulls and installing a dry toilet.

Pino book club

We're reading Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

April 2021


This month, we converted the old static version of our website into a wiki, with pages for each of the various projects we've been working on aboard Pino. We hope you like it!

We also finished installing our wood stove. Our timing could have been better (it's summer now), but we'll be able to keep warm while at anchor next winter. We have many projects to do, including the removal and replacement of many thruhulls and plumbing, as well as the installation of a dry toilet. Looks like Pino will have to come out of the water again this year!

Pino book club

We're reading Terre des Hommes by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll.

March 2021


This month, the rabbits have been busy making new holes in Pino, cutting metal, and building a support platform for their new tiny woodstove. When the installation is complete, we have plans to write a blog post about the process.

If you're seeing this update on the 100r.co website, you'll notice that all logs are now in the same file. It is easier for us to manage, and we think, more pleasant for you to read.

We have received a lot of really good feedback and corrections for our book Busy Doing Nothing, thank you for reading it. Rekka has updated their notes on creating e-books with Pandoc to include exports to epub and mobi (for those interested).

Pino book club

We're reading The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice by Brion Toss and Thinking Forth by Leo Brody.

February 2021


This month, we released the e-book version of the North Pacific Logbook titled Busy Doing Nothing. The book is 217 pages long, and is available as a PDF, mobi or EPUB. We're happy it's out, and hope that you like it!

In other news, Esoteric.Codes interviewed our studio, and we heard that the Toronto Public Library was hosting an online Orca workshop on March 1st—how cool is that?

Pino book club

We're reading A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold.

January 2021


This month, Devine participated in Jamuary, releasing a new video of a different ORCΛ livecoding pattern for each day of the month. They are collected here in a playlist for anyone looking for inspiration or learning new ways of writing sequencers.

Also, we're still growing food aboard Pino. We re-organized a lot of the content on our website, and joined all the ones related to cooking. We've added a small section on lacto-fermentation. It's no secret, we like food and plants.

The extended version of the North Pacific Logbook is now titled Busy Doing Nothing, an hommage to our favorite Ergo Proxy episode. We're still proofreading it, and making final adjustments. Here's what it looks like on a Kindle.

Pino book club

We're reading What are People for? by Wendell Berry and Anathem by Neal Stephenson.

December 2020


It's cold and rainy here in Victoria. We're spending more time indoors, crafting rope mats and origami to combat winter blues. Pino now has many new decorations, just in time for 2021!

The extended version of the North Pacific Logbook project is almost done! The last step, is to make new art for each day.

Latitude48 magazine featured us in their December issue(p.89-90). We also spoke to Marketplace for a podcast on adapting to climate change.

Pino book club

We read The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury this month. We're currently reading The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey, and The Unreal and the Real by Ursula Le Guin.

November 2020


This month, we launched Noton, a live-drawing playground. Noton works by drawing cables between timers, logic gates and instruments inspired from pepepépepe's Color Computers to explore binary logic.

We also created some terminal utilities like Seconth, a calendar, and Firth, a calculator.

We almost migrated each one of our tools out of Electron, it took a while but was well worth it. Nasu, Dotgrid, Moogle, Orca and Noton are all written in pure C with only SDL as dependency.

We've also begun working on an extended edition of the North Pacific Logbook.

Pino book club

This section is new! We thought we'd share our favorite readings each month. In November, we read Ray Bradbury shorts from The Machineries of Joy.

October 2020


This month, as stated above, we added RSS feeds to most of our projects. Past and current newsletter updates are now displayed on our website under Update logs, and will be released monthly on our RSS feed.

After reading passages from Kenneth Neumeyer's book Sailing the Farm, we've been experimenting with growing food aboard Pino. Sprouting seeds is a good way to transform dried foods into fresh foods. See our notes on sprouting on our Gemini space. We've added notes on a variety of topics, like heat-retention cooking and living without a fridge. These pages are best viewed with a Gemini client, like Kristall, LaGrange and Gmni.

Andrew Huang, Zomboy, Kilamanzego and Anomalie remixed Devine's ORCA track Monster, as part of Andrew's Same Sample series. Lend them your ears, they did an amazing job!

September 2020


We released a video of our Pacific Crossing, it serves to put images to words.

Our little studio was featured on WIRED Japan this month, in issue 38 called Nomadic life, off the grid and reconnection. We're assuming what they said about us was largely positive, but unless we can translate it all from Japanese there's no way to know!

For those who understand French, read our interview with l'ADN, in which we discuss resilience and autonomy.

In other news, hundredrabbits now has a space on Gemini, thanks to Solderpunk. It won't be a perfect mirror of 100r.co, as we want it to host unique content. For those who don't know, Gemini is a collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space in-between Gopher and the web (HTTP). Read more on Gemini.

August 2020


On August 11th, we stepped onto land after 65 days on the water ­— it felt amazing. We're walking everyday, and going out on long bike rides to build up some leg muscle again. We finished transcribing the North Pacific logbook, re-counting the 51-day trip from Japan to Canada — be warned, some passages in the logbook might be distressing to some people.

We released a video of the last month we spent in Minamiise, called Our last days in Mie. A video of our 2 weeks in Shimoda and of our North Pacific crossing will follow.

As a studio our main issues are internet scarcity, power management, data storage as well as hardware and software failures. Overtime we found ways to balance work, pleasure and maintenance. Rekka wrote an article for Noonsite outlining these problems, and offering solutions.

July 2020

—Pino was at sea. No updates—


This month we have no project updates to offer as we have been away, sailing from Japan to Canada for 51 days. We left Shimoda, JP on June 9th, and arrived on June 28th on the shores of Victoria, BC.

We kept a log book of the happenings on the trip, Rekka is transcribing it now and we will share it once it is finished. This trip was the hardest thing we've ever done, with plenty of fog, monstrous waves, albatrosses, porpoises, humpback whales, large mid-ocean fishing fleets and plenty of time to think, little time to sleep and lots and lots of time to read.

We are under quarantine for 2 weeks, with little internet and few liberties, but after that time we'll resume our usual Hundredrabbits operations. We've got many pull requests to merge, bugs to fix, videos to edit and emails to answer, please be patient with us, we'll get to it all in time.

Meanwhile, below is a list of the books we read on this passage:

June 2020

— In transit. No updates—

May 2020

— In transit. No updates—

April 2020


This month we hosted a game jam gathering a few devs and artists interested in learning Hypercard. Both of us collaborated to create Catpot, a little cooking game. One of the entries, a remake of Kojima's P.T., was featured on Polygon. We also started migrating our repos to sourcehut, a service which aligns better with our projects.

In other news, Rekka wrote an off-the-grid starter guide for Noonsite, and Checkpoints Gaming interviewed our studio. EZBOT6 also released an excellent Orca tutorial that you should check out.

The lift in the marina was fixed, and Pino was hauled out of the water. We are happy to say that the hull suffered no damage.

March 2020


This month, we released a video diary called Limbo, in which we break things and repair others. In the last newsletter we forgot to announce the release of the first video of the year, it's called Back in Japan.

In other news we're working hard on the Donsol, we're almost there. See shots of Donsol played on a famicom and a odroid go advance.

Devine performed with ORCΛ on the EulerRoom Equinox stream this past March 22nd, watch the stream replay. We recommend watching Nicola Pisanti's ORCA set too, it's very, very good.

February 2020


This month, we returned to Japan! We're happy to report that Pino is doing really well, no big damages to report. Our plan is to fix up our beloved, to get it ready to start cruising again. We wrote a post about what we did to prepare Pino for our 6-month absence called Typhoons, mold and bugs.

Devine was interviewed by Future of Coding, and the podcast was released as two separate episodes. In the first, Devine talks about creating your own tools, and the second is about Orca.

In other news, years ago Devine wrote music for the game Moonquest, and we're happy to say the game is out! You can listen/download to the soundtrack here. Enjoy!

January 2020


This month we released Nasu, our spritesheet and nametable editor. We created it to design and assemble the assets of our future famicon games.

We also compiled a collection of tools and examples to help those interested in learning Assembly.

December 2019


This month, we started learning 6502 assembly, in order to produce lasting versions of our tools and games.

As you know, Devine performed at React Day Berlin earlier this month, here are some photos of the event.

November 2019


We released our video for November, called 24 days at sea, as well as two separate blog posts about the passage called Doldrumming, and another about checking into Majuro called The Promise of Pancakes.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We simplified the splash page, and added information on all of the games and tools we've made, with more on the way.

October 2019


This month, we released a video of the first part of our Orca workshop. The workshop event at Foulab was very long, lasting about 1h45min, and so we decided to separate the video in 3. We hope this video will be useful to you all!

Devine will perform with ORCA at the React Day Berlin afterparty on december 6th at KOSMOS. If you're in town, save the date!

September 2019


This month, our talk for XOXO came out on YouTube! This was our first time speaking together in front of a large audience about our project — it went well, we hope you'll agree. In other news, we will also be hosting a livecoding ORCA workshop at Foulab on October 25th. If you're in the Montreal area and want to attend, you can get reserve your place here. The event is free, but space is limited so don't wait too long to get a ticket.

August 2019


This month, we released Noodle, a simple in-browser drawing tool. We also released our monthly video called Take care Pino, as well as a blog post called A home for Pino.

We traveled back to Canada, visiting Vancouver before heading down to Portland for our XOXO talk. The talks were recorded and will be online soon.

July 2019


This month, we re-released Ronin, our image processing tool. We made a tutorial video to explain some of the basic functions. We also released our monthly video called Back to Odaiba. As the title suggest, we return to visit Odaiba by bike, our old home in Tokyo.

In other news, Rekka created mascot characters to represent each application we have in our tool ecosystem. Hope you like them!

June 2019


This month, Devine traveled to Amsterdam for JS Nation. We also released a new video called Projects for rainy days.

In other news, we will be traveling to Tokyo next month! We've also booked our flights for our visit to North America in late August. We will arrive in Vancouver on August 20th, in Portland on September 4th and in Montreal on September 10th — for our friends in the area, save the date!.

May 2019


This month, we traveled to Osaka to meet up with our friends from Alaska, and flew to the UK for Algomech. We also released a new video called Planes, trains and buses.

In other news, we can finally announce that we will be speaking at the XOXO festival in Portland. The event is on September 5-8, which means we'll be in North America for a little while! We are looking forward to it. Our floating studio also had a feature article in the May 2019 edition of the sailing magazine Latitude38..

April 2019


This month, we released a new blog post called Hello Fujisan, along with our latest video on Living aboard in Shimizu.

Next month, we will be traveling to Osaka by land and flying to the UK for the Algomech festival in the UK.

March 2019


Pino and its crew arrived safely in Shimizu. We love it here! The local yachties have been kind to us, seeing Mount Fuji everyday is also a real treat! Our plan in the coming month is to make repairs to Pino so we can go further south.

We released a new video this month called: Sailing to Shizuoka, Japan.

February 2019


We made it to Japan! It was a 21 day sail from Majuro, not an easy sail, but we made it! Pino arrived on February 16th to the offshore island of Chichijima, part of the Ogasawara group of islands that lie east of Tokyo. We spent two weeks here, eating good food, cycling, walking the numerous trails on the island and relaxing.

We released our video for February, which includes plenty of footage of Chichijima. The video is called Sailing to Japan.

Early March, we'll be heading over to mainland. We're aiming for Osaka. This is going to be a very difficult leg, you can follow our path here.

January 2019


We released our video for January, called The gardens of Majuro.

We will be in transit for most of the month of February. After 3 years of travel, we're heading to Japan. We're aiming to go to Chichijima first, an offshore island to the east of mainland Japan. We've never been there, and are looking forward to stepping on japanese soil once again.

Follow our path.

November 2018


We released our video for December, called The town of Majuro, and also unveiled yet another tool: Orca, a visual programming playground.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We've added a videos page, featuring a list of all of the content we've published on YouTube.

We'll be spending another month here in Majuro, our next stop may be Chichijima in Japan, we're still undecided. Happy holidays to you all!

October 2018


We released our video for November, called 24 days at sea, as well as two separate blog posts about the passage called Doldrumming, and another about checking into Majuro called The Promise of Pancakes.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We simplified the splash page, and added information on all of the games and tools we've made, with more on the way.

September 2018


We just released our video for October, called Goodbye Fiji. Pino is checking out of the country tomorrow (21/10/18) to head to the Marshall Islands.

Devine was interviewed by Interface Lovers.

August 2018


We just released our video for September, called Leleuvia, Momi Bay and Malolo Lailai!. We moved over to Viti Levu to re-supply, but also to get Iggy the dinghy patched up (Iggy's all good now).

Rekka wrote a blog post about our time in Makogai, called makogai. There were no turtles there, sadly, but we can now say that we have seen some here in Malolo Lailai. (Yes. We are pleased.)

Our website has been getting a lot of attention, we’ve added pages for left and dotgrid, with shortcut lists and guides. Some of you have request tutorials, we’ll be working on that this coming month.

We’ll be leaving Fiji soon, next stop on our list will likely be Tuvalu. We’re going to move Pino over to either Nadi, or Lautoka mid-october, to re-supply and get ready for our trek north! There aren’t a lot of fresh veg available in those islands, we’ll enjoy all of the greens we can now while we’re still in land of plenty.