Change logs

A list of changes and updates to our projects.

July 2022


Sometimes we find an anchorage that is so nice, so ideal, that we end up staying for weeks. We stayed in Von Donop Bay (hathayim marine park) for well over a month. The southernmost anchorage is near many trails that snake and branch out deep into the woods, and the bay is so large that we kept finding new corners to explore by dinghy. The water in the area is warmer than in Victoria, we can dive, and check Pino's bottom without freezing. This is our first real summer on the boat, when we have no big boat projects to do, nor big transits to plan, and it feels amazing.

We have stretched our food stores to the limit (it has been 2 months since we last stocked up in full). A 5 km trek through the woods takes us to a little General Store, they never have fresh produce (or it gets bought out before we get there) but we go once in a while to replenish our stock of potatoes and onions. We are relying on sprouts a lot (see growing food).

This month, we made a Keynote talk for Nime 2022, and Devine started work on a little OS project called Potato, see some footage(Mastodon). There is no documentation yet, but soon.

Pino book club

We're reading The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury.

June 2022


Pino is currently in Desolation Sound, enjoying the quiet. We've written a few posts about some of the anchorages we've visited, like melanie cove, grace harbour and hathayim marine park. We're updating our track as we go.

Devine has been adding a lot of notes to the permacomputing wiki this month. We also started a little arcade game named Inle, something that we could play together on the boat in the style of Gunbound/Tank Wars... but with rabbits (we finished reading Watership Down last month, so we blame that, haha). We don't have a project page yet for it, but we shared some images on the post for grace harbour, where we started working on the game.

Rekka produced a video about image optimization for the Photographer's Gallery (as part of their Green Hacks video series) last month.

Pino book club

We're reading The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.

May 2022


From this month until next October, our updates may be delayed. We are sailing northward, towards Desolation Sound and the Broughtons, where cell towers are few. We will wander in and out of such regions all summer. So far, we sailed up to the Gulf Islands, and over to Nanaimo from Victoria, and then crossed the Strait of Georgia over to the Sunshine Coast(close-reaching in 20-knot winds). This was a good shakedown for Pino, a good way to re-awaken our little vessel. All went well, but we ought to have secured our produce better... some of our potatoes escaped their nest and went out for an afternoon roll around the cabin floor.

Start of May, we had some issues with our batteries. They've been acting out for some time, we think because of a dead cell. We have been operating at half battery capacity for a month, and realized that yet again we don't need that much power, especially in the summer when the days are long.

The combinatory logic guide is the first of many projects we plan to release this summer. We also released an sign language version of Uxntal.

In other news, a version of Collapse OS was ported to Uxn.

Pino book club

We're reading Watership Down by Richard Adams.

April 2022


The month of April was a time of boat projects. We built a mini dodger to cover the companionway, and installed a large spindle for floating rope on Pino's stern (marine stores give those spindles away for free, usually). In these waters, it is often necessary to stern tie to shore when anchoring and the spindle will make it easier to uncoil the line.

We also took some time off to visit some ancient trees in cathedral grove on Vancouver Island.

Devine found some slide rules and wrote a guide on how to use them.

If you want to play Catpot, the little Hypercard game we made for Merveilles Hyperjam 2020, you can play it with this Hypercard Simulator (thank you Dan).

Pino book club

We're reading The Stranger by Albert Camus.

March 2022


A major update to our wiki is that we've put together a text with our stance on various political aspects. Because of the decentralized nature of some of our work, and because of the overlap of libertarians and right-wing doomsday preppers and our documenting survivalism at sea, there were things that just had to be spelled out quite clearly. See philosophy. We've appended a notice to our off the grid page too, since it gets shared the most.

A lot of our time this month was dedicated to preparing for our keynote talk for LibrePlanet 2022 called Software Doldrums. If you missed it the talk was recorded, watch it here. Rekka illustrated all of the slides for the presentation, gathered here. These images are now scattered on our wiki. Devine built the uxn slideshow program Adelie for that presentation, we plan to use it again for all future talks.

The day prior, Devine gave a short performance(YouTube) for Algorave's 10-year anniversary, alongside over 140+ artists. The event was 24 hours, with everyone playing a 10-minute set.

Uxn was featured on The Verge, in an article entitled These artists are making tiny ROMs that will probably outlive us all. And Devine was interviewed(Medium) for Behind the Screens.

In other news, we finally made some Uxn sticker sheets!

Pino book club

We're reading We Have Always Lives in the Castle by Shirley Jackson.

February 2022


This month it was announced that we joined LibrePlanet 2022 as keynote speakers. The annual technology and social justice conference will be held virtually on March 19 and 20, 2022, with the theme Living Liberation. Our talk is named Software Doldrums.

Rekka is putting the finishing touches to the wiktopher novel, and Devine designed a game that the people of Irideri could be playing. The result was a dice game combining the capture mechanism of Go and the randomness of the Domino. Learn to play Hako. Each player has a Sonozai, a set of 4 dice on a rope. Merveillans have been making their own sets:

Rostiger has been making illustrated notes for Uxn, and they are fabulous.

Pino book club

We're reading Underland by Robert Macfarlane.

January 2022


On January 28th Uxn turned 1 year old! We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed code, ideas, time and laughs to help this project grow into what it is now. It was a wonderful year for smol ordinators. See an image that Rekka made for uxn's birthday.

We finally released versions of the Uxn emulator for all major systems(Linux, OS X and Windows), with the option of a version bundled with a few starter roms. We simplified the uxn guide too, to make it easier to install and use.

Our lion's mane mushroom grew another full head, we harvested it and made some mushroom pakoras.

In other news, Devine was interviewed on Anonradio, listen to it here. Also, Compudanzas released an Introduction to Uxn Programming book, with a foreword by Devine.

Pino book club

We're reading The Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino, and The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber.

December 2021


It is snowing, and we are cocooning. Our little woodstove is working hard. This month, we finally decided to release a paperback version of busy doing nothing.

In our last update log, we mentioned that we were trying to grow Lion's Mane mushroom, and we are happy to report that it was a success! It grew beautifully. Rek was so excited about the mushroom that they decided to draw some this month, this series focuses on varieties that grow on Vancouver Island.

In other news, we had an interview with the founder of Sourcehut, read it here. Also, our good friend Alderwick make us a very cool gift(YouTube).

Pino book club

We're reading Fantômes: Issue 1, with work by 18 talented artists, put together by Lizbeth. It is a eerie, and gorgeous zine, we strongly recommend the Mike Wolf version.

November 2021


This month, there was an intro to Uxn Programming(YouTube) workshop by Compudanzas, an event by Babycastles Academy. Give it a watch!

November was a very rainy month in Victoria, a perfect time for experiments in the galley. We are growing Lion's Mane mushrooms currently (a first for us), and we are continuing to lacto-ferment vegetables like kohlrabi, turnips, daikon, cauliflower and red onion. To learn how to do it, see our guide to lactofermentation.

Pino book club

We're reading The Summer Book by Tove Jansson (it's such a lovely book).

October 2021


This month, we found a used grain mill for Pino! Flour doesn't keep as well as whole grains, so we decided to start milling flour (wheat berries, soy beans or chickpeas) only as we need it. We only released a Guide to Lacto-fermenting vegetables on grimgrains.

Donsol is now available as an uxn rom on itchio.

See Devine's daily drawings series for October.

Pino book club

We're continuing our readings of The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury. Favorite shorts this month include The Long Rain, The City and Kaleidoscope.

September 2021


It is an early announcement, but end of June 2022 we will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME(New Interfaces for Musical Expression).

Rekka wrote an article on Saving Energy When Cooking Aboard for Noonsite.

Check out Eli's guide on installing Uxn on OS X, and Keijiro's version of Flappy Bird in UxnTal.

Our friends at Compudanzas have released part 6 of their Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial. This new chapter basically shows you how to build Pong!

Pino book club

We started reading The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury. Favorite shorts so far include There Will Come Soft Rains, The Coffin and There Was an Old Woman.

August 2021


This month, our little engine was fixed (read about it here) we've been sailing around the Gulf Islands, working from anchor. We also found Iggy's successor, a used fiberglass dinghy that we've named Teapot. We've been rowing it from ship to shore, and it's so, so nice. We stopped by Saltspring Island and got to meet the sailors on BosunBird, a couple who have traveled around the world on a Vancouver27. Their blog was an invaluable resource for us on our travels through Japan.

We've released a solid version of noodle, our drawing tool. Follow the tutorial on our website, or check out this amazing quick start guide by Polyducks. We also released niju, our little kana-learning game. Niju was a trial to see if we could design, write and assemble a project entirely within the Uxn computer.

Our friends at Compudanzas have released part 3, 4 and 5 of their Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial.

Pino book club

Help. We still haven't finished The Swarm by Frank Schatzing. It is terrible, but we can't stop.

July 2021


This month, Calcifer is being re-built. While we wait for that, we're working on more projects aboard. We added insulation to the v-berth, an attempt to keep Pino warm this winter. We created a new portal called boat projects on our wiki that covers most of the major construction projects we've done to the boat.

Our friends at Compudanzas have started writing an Introduction to Uxn Programming tutorial. We recommend it to anyone interested in programming for the Uxn Computer. No prior understanding of stack-machines, or Assembly, required! The first covers basics, and the latest chapter focuses on learning to draw pixels on the screen.

If you missed Devine's performance at Flash Crash, you can watch it here.

Pino book club

We're reading Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor and The Swarm by Frank Schatzing.

June 2021


Pino and crew spent the first half of the month in the boatyard. We splashed back into the water on the 14th and moved to North Saanich to have access to a workshop with the goal of completing our dry toilet. We are documentating the entire dry toilet installation, with plans to update the page when we begin to use it. We are ALMOST done with this project.

We started working on niju, a hiragana/katakana review application. We used this project to test our the latest iteration of nasu so we could finalize the nasu guide.

On June 26 2021, Devine met up with the London SF reading group to talk about solarpunk, see their notes. On July 10th UTC 20:00, Devine will also perform with orca for Flash Crash.

See Uxn running on the ESP32. It is TOO adorable!

Pino book club

We're reading Nature as Measure by Wes Jackson, The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst by Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall and Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges.

May 2021


There has been a lot of activity on Uxn this month! It's exciting to see it work on a variety of devices, like the PS vita, Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS. We love the idea that most people already have the all hardware necessary to run our software.

We hosted a small cooking jam on Merveilles, feel free to peruse The Galley tag to see the recipes.

In Pino related news, we are moving north. First stop, the boatyard. We'll be doing a bunch of changes to the studio this week, like removing and replacing old thruhulls and installing a dry toilet.

Pino book club

We're reading Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

April 2021


This month, we converted the old static version of our website into a wiki, with pages for each of the various projects we've been working on aboard Pino. We hope you like it!

We also finished installing our wood stove. Our timing could have been better (it's summer now), but we'll be able to keep warm while at anchor next winter. We have many projects to do, including the removal and replacement of many thruhulls and plumbing, as well as the installation of a dry toilet. Looks like Pino will have to come out of the water again this year!

Pino book club

We're reading Terre des Hommes by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll.

March 2021


This month, the rabbits have been busy making new holes in Pino, cutting metal, and building a support platform for their new tiny woodstove. When the installation is complete, we have plans to write a blog post about the process.

If you're seeing this update on the 100r.co website, you'll notice that all logs are now in the same file. It is easier for us to manage, and we think, more pleasant for you to read.

We have received a lot of really good feedback and corrections for our book Busy Doing Nothing, thank you for reading it. Rekka has updated their notes on creating e-books with Pandoc to include exports to epub and mobi (for those interested).

Pino book club

We're reading The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice by Brion Toss and Thinking Forth by Leo Brody.

February 2021


This month, we released the e-book version of the North Pacific Logbook titled Busy Doing Nothing. The book is 217 pages long, and is available as a PDF, mobi or EPUB. We're happy it's out, and hope that you like it!

In other news, Esoteric.Codes interviewed our studio, and we heard that the Toronto Public Library was hosting an online Orca workshop on March 1st—how cool is that?

Pino book club

We're reading A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold.

January 2021


This month, Devine participated in Jamuary, releasing a new video of a different ORCΛ livecoding pattern for each day of the month. They are collected here in a playlist for anyone looking for inspiration or learning new ways of writing sequencers.

Also, we're still growing food aboard Pino. We re-organized a lot of the content on our website, and joined all the ones related to cooking. We've added a small section on lacto-fermentation. It's no secret, we like food and plants.

The extended version of the North Pacific Logbook is now titled Busy Doing Nothing, an hommage to our favorite Ergo Proxy episode. We're still proofreading it, and making final adjustments. Here's what it looks like on a Kindle.

Pino book club

We're reading What are People for? by Wendell Berry and Anathem by Neal Stephenson.

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