little ninj

a pixel art drawing of little ninj with him striking a pose and saying: its crazy, its party!

Little Ninj is a 38 cm (15 in) tall, gray, soft-bodied ninja that lives aboard Pino with us. He is 16 years old, and was conceived by artist Michelle Valigura. We adopted him in 2009, and we've traveled all over the world together.

Ninj has been to Japan, England, Fiji, Thailand, The Marshall Islands, France, Germany, Niue, Tonga, French Polynesia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, The Cook Islands, and Austria.

a drawing of rek, dev and little ninj walking one behind the other, each carrying backpacks

He is most active at night, he hosts boat parties in our absence, and often goes out on diplomatic missions when we arrive in a new port. Little Ninj was responsible for ensuring us safe passage through the forests of Cortes Island when he negotiated with Jeebaleebus, the local banana slug authority of the region.

Contrary to what some people believe, Ninj is not a small human child. He is bead/fiberfill-blooded, and will likely outlive us all. little ninj laying over a cylindrical cushion and looking very comfy

Ninj likes...
Gathering minions
Being served food and then watching the food
Working on his blog

Ninj doesn't like...
Getting wet
Traveling in a backpack
Being told not to pummel popcorn into dust

Ninj appreciation gallery

rek putting a bandage on a dubious ninj saying, ok, but i dont have blood, or bones though devine and little ninj sitting near a fire to get warm with blankets on their backs, devine says: waaaarm, while ninj says: wooooorm. The fire has a face and says: brn brn ninj saying: i like dem, while holding a giant maple leaf over his head ninj yelling: weka! while riding on the back of a weka bird ninj running with a miniature version of Pino in hand