November 2018


We released our video for December, called The town of Majuro, and also unveiled yet another tool: Orca, a visual programming playground.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We've added a videos page, featuring a list of all of the content we've published on YouTube.

We'll be spending another month here in Majuro, our next stop may be Chichijima in Japan, we're still undecided. Happy holidays to you all!

October 2018


We released our video for November, called 24 days at sea, as well as two separate blog posts about the passage called Doldrumming, and another about checking into Majuro called The Promise of Pancakes.

Our website, has undergone a lot of changes. We simplified the splash page, and added information on all of the games and tools we've made, with more on the way.

September 2018


We just released our video for October, called Goodbye Fiji. Pino is checking out of the country tomorrow (21/10/18) to head to the Marshall Islands.

Devine was interviewed by Interface Lovers.

August 2018


We just released our video for September, called Leleuvia, Momi Bay and Malolo Lailai!. We moved over to Viti Levu to re-supply, but also to get Iggy the dinghy patched up (Iggy's all good now).

Rek wrote a blog post about our time in Makogai, called makogai. There were no turtles there, sadly, but we can now say that we have seen some here in Malolo Lailai. (Yes. We are pleased.)

Our website has been getting a lot of attention, we’ve added pages for left and dotgrid, with shortcut lists and guides. Some of you have request tutorials, we’ll be working on that this coming month.

We’ll be leaving Fiji soon, next stop on our list will likely be Tuvalu. We’re going to move Pino over to either Nadi, or Lautoka mid-october, to re-supply and get ready for our trek north! There aren’t a lot of fresh veg available in those islands, we’ll enjoy all of the greens we can now while we’re still in land of plenty.

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