While books are great they take up a lot of space, are prone to mold, and in warm countries, they ultimately attract insects. To protect them from moisture, we have resorted to keeping them in plastic sleeves. In cold weather, if your boat is kept warm and is well-ventilated you won't have to worry.

Amongst sailors, and likely other types of nomads, books and movies are a trading currency. Social hubs will often have bookshelves inviting you to take and leave a book. We have found countless gems in those.

Most of our books now, are on our Kindle Paperwhite, which takes little energy and allows us to read at night.

pino book club

When the weather permits, we read a lot on passage. We first started 'The Pino book club' during our transit from Mexico to the Marquesas. During nightwatches we'd read and discuss them the next morning over coffee. It was one of our favorite things to do. We also did this with podcasts. Here is a list of the books we've read during passages.

canada to mexico

mexico to marquesas

Passage length: 28 days

fiji to majuro

Passage length: 24 days

majuro to ogasawara

Passage length: 21 days

Favorite stories: 'Cool Air', 'Herbert West Reanimator', 'The Evil Clergyman' & 'The Music oF Erich Zann'. Every evening after dinner, I'd make readings aloud of each story.

japan to canada

Passage length: 51 days

the permanent collection

Above are readings we've done at sea, not all were our favorites but here is a list of the books we keep on Pino.