Getting any of these items is a direct way to support our work. We prioritize digital items because we do not have the carrying capacity for the storage of physical items. For physical items, please allow for some time for it to arrive. We are not always near a post office, or mailbox.

Rekka takes art commissions, and they sell original ink drawings.

Uxn stickers

These stickers are:

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Busy Doing Nothing paperback book

Busy Doing Nothing is a 218 page long paperback book, written in English.

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The book is printed on demand. Lulu.com works with printers all over the world, so that most copies are produced locally and travel relatively short distances. It can take 3 to 5 work days to print the book. Since the books are printed, packaged, and shipped by humans, mistakes may happen. If your book arrives in less-than-perfect condition, contact Lulu.com with images of shipping damage or printing errors, and they will send you another copy.

We also released an e-book version.

Busy Doing Nothing is 218 pages long, written in English, and formatted for e-readers. The first version is still available to read online, but doesn't include the newer content and revised text. Buying this book is a way to support our work, we put a lot of work into it, and we hope you like it.

Hundredrabbits music album

During our Pacific circumnavigation, we published videos every month on Youtube. Devine composed ambient music for each video, and we compiled those into a digital album.

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We make games once in a while. So far, we have verreciel, hiversaires, oquonie, paradise, donsol and niju.

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