thousand rooms

a picture book

Thousand Rooms is a picture e-book, following the behaviors of four characters in a room bound by a set of rules that is unknown to them.

We have written this book with the hopes of creating a sort of Borges for children, in which the reader follows a bat, a cat, an owl and a fox who try and make sense of the space. The book encourages the reader to try and understand the rules, and plan unsuggested avenues.

The book is available in 16 languages (all are available for download or purchase), and can be used as a tool for study. The translations were done on a volunteer basis. If you'd like to contribute a translation, or to make corrections to any text, please contact us at hundredrabbits at gmail dot com.

Available in English, French, Lietal (temporarily unavailable), Japanese, Russian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian(Latin alphabet) and Catalan.

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Thousand Rooms was conceived while on passage from mexico to french polynesia in 2017, and was completed in Nuku Hiva and Rangiroa. We made the decision to make a book project rather than a game because of our power limitations (see tools ecosystem).

We don't mind if you print yourself a copy. It can be put together beautifully using a simple five hole pamphlet stitch, but please do not re-distribute or sell it.