Donsol is a dungeon crawler card game played with a standard 54 card deck, the game is written entirely in 6502 assembly and available for the classic Nintendo console.



Donsol, short for Dungeon Solitaire was designed by John Eternal, during train jam in 2015, it was later made into an iOS game with Devine. It was released on April 2015 on the appstore. The game was in turn ported to all desktop platforms.

In 2018, we removed the game from the iOS store, in a conscious attempt to distance ourselves from Apple ecosystem. After looking at the trajectory of the development tools, namely the bloated development environment, we did not believe that it was possible for us to continue working on our games, while at sea with little connectivity for the Apple mobile platform.

We also could not reconcilliate pushing for environmentally conscious action, while supporting a company that fights against the Right to Repair, and create wasteful products. Instead, the game was published exclusively on the store, a publishing platform in line with our values.

famicom release

Why Assembly? Because we want to produce lasting versions of our games, to use simpler tools, to make more resilient software with fewer dependencies, and support older hardware as to give a second life to old electronics.