a house with wings

Our sailboat is a Yamaha33, a 1982 masthead sloop fiberglass sailboat. Pino is the name of an android in the anime Ergo Proxy. Hundred Rabbits is inspired from the sailboat, also from Ergo proxy, named the centzon totochtin(four hundred rabbits).

For additional details on our equipment and boat, visit our github.

why a boat

In 2012, we moved to Japan. Rekka was working in an animation studio, and Devine, in a company that makes language learning tools. On weekends and evenings, we worked on our first two games: Hiversaires and Oquonie (the latter was completed in Thailand).

After we returned to Canada in 2014, we decided that we wanted to keep moving, and so we looked at our options. Moving to a new country meant selling all we had, we'd done this countless times already, but we thought it wasteful. We then heard of people living on sailboats. We watched videos by David Wellsford, Teresa Carey and Nike Steiger, and became obssessed with the idea. Lack of experience aside, we thought that traveling was a good catalyst for learning new languages, for developing an interest in foreign cultures and ultimately for building empathy, curiosity, and creativity, traits that we will need to foster, as a species, if we want to survive the years to come.

In January 2016, we left the cold of Montreal and moved west to British Columbia. There, we purchased Pino — keep in mind, we were a pair of city kids with limited outdoor experience, neither of us had ever stepped onto a sailboat before. That, did not deter us. We learned on the go, reading books and asking questions to other sailors on the docks.

Our curiosity then led us to make our first trip out to sea, which escalated into a circumnagivation of the Pacific Ocean.

Our experiences at sea has changed how we work, and how we think. We are not professionals, nor do we claim to know everything about sailing, or about living aboard a boat. The information we share on this website and in our videos isn't solid truth, it's what we've learned, and is subject to change as we, ourselves, grow and learn. We neither know nor think that we know. To hear more about our story, listen to the talk we did at XOXO in 2019.

'A boat, for all its complexity, is in fact a version of simplicity, but of a satisfyingly complex kind.' - Adam Nicolson