Our sailboat is a Yamaha33, a 1982 masthead sloop fiberglass sailboat. Pino is the name of an android in the anime Ergo Proxy. Hundred Rabbits is inspired from the name of the sailboat in that same show, the Centzon Totochtin.

Fully-geared, stocked with provisions for 4 months (food & water) Pino weighs 7484,274 kg (16,500 lbs), or 8.25 tons. Out of the factory, the boat was 4,400 kg (9,700.00 lbs), or 4.85 tons (about half that weight is ballast).

Pino moves from ship to shore with Teapot. We carry two bikes aboard to explore the new places we visit, and to fetch groceries.

Find out about our anchoring setup, water storage and how much energy we have onboard.