Our dinghy is named Teapot, acquired on August 9th 2021. It is made of fibreglass, and is 7 ft long. We bought it off Linda from SV Temenos. At the time it bore the name Mini T.

We like to take it out on solo trips in evenings, in calm weather.

The rabbits rowing in False Creek, Vancouver. Photo courtesy of our friend Brady

We had a soft dinghy for a while, named iggy but it died in the South Pacific.

Teapot's pram shape allows it to fit well in front of our baby stay. When we move from one anchorage to the other, we always hoist it back up on deck, we never tow it. When anchoring, we tie a halyard to a strongpoint forward of the dinghy(visible in above photo), and lift it up (just the front) to have access to the anchor locker underneath. The aft portion of the dinghy is tied down, so it doesn't shift around when we sail, and because it's tied down at that point, it works as a fixed pivot to lift the dinghy, safely.

Sometimes we like to daydream about what life on the water could be like if no one had motors.