We have 2 solar panels(2x90 W). For additional power, we carry a small portable generator as a backup to our solar. Our Honda’s 1,000-watt generator is compact, fuel-efficient, lightweight, and can run for 7.1 hours on 2.7 liters (0.7 US gal) of gas. Our boat has a 75 AMP Balmar alternator, but it is only used to charge the batteries on cloudy days. We consider these options as backups, as redundancy to our main source of power, solar.

We have a total of 464 Ah. Our flooded-cell battery banks consists of a series configured starter bank (2x6 Volt Cells) and a series-parallel configured house bank (2x6 V cells). Both sets are identical, equalling 12 V each. Because they're identical, we often use both as house banks.

We don't have a windlass, pressure faucet, water heater or a fridge (see refrigeration). Because of this, it's easy to keep our power consumption low, reducing our need for extra solar, keeping our costs down and reducing the amount of things that can break, or fail.


We have 2x90W, hard, polycrystalline solar panels, purchased used in new zealand.

We left Canada in 2016 with 2 flexis, an 80W and 100W, but the first suffered from corrosion and died (2018), and the second was lost in the north pacific ocean (2020) after we were hit by a large wave.