electrical refit

a photo of lean and organized wiring

We re-wired the AC and DC systems on Pino entirely at the end of 2022, and the work stretched into 2023. We documented the process here:

Pino has no refrigeration, no windlass (see windlass removal), no macerator (no holding tank either, we have a dry toilet), no alternator regulator, no knot meter, no auto-pilot, no water pressure, no water heater etc.

So what does Pino have? Our home has ais, radar, lpg, plenty of LED lights, a small chartplotter, some usb ports, AC outlets, a 500W inverter, solar panels (with solar charger), automatic bilge pump, battery charger, battery monitor, VHF radio, wind meter, depth sounder, etc.


All systems are spread over 13 circuit breakers, which are divided onto two panels. One panel is reserved for outdoor/sailing instruments, the other one houses all indoor/home systems.

All of the new wiring is tinned, with hermetically-sealed wire terminations.


Pino uses a 30 ampere, 125 volt electrical system. Our AC breaker panel has a total of 5 breakers. The first is the AC power combined with a reverse polarity indicator, the rest are 15A breakers which are assigned to separate 125V outlets (galley, quarter berth, and two in the saloon). The last breaker is reserved for the battery charger.

All outlets are above the waterline, near the cabin top. All wiring is tinned, with hermetically-sealed wire terminations.