Devine's bike is a Trek District S(2014), with a travel ratio of 48/15(3.2), the tires are 700x25C(200g) and the tubes 700x18-25C with 48mm valves. They chose the aluminum wheel because it can be installed with an ilan key alone, it is made entirely of aluminum so it does not rust as much as the other less resilient lighter wheels they had.

Rekka has a Specialized Langster(2014), with the same wheel size and tubes as Devine's bike. It has an alloy frame and carbon fork, and a single fixed cog.

We use Abus foldable locks.

These bikes have traveled far with us. We crossed oceans with them aboard our boat, and did not regret bringing them along. We experimented with various ways to stow them, but the best way was to take both wheels off, to remove the pedals, turn the handle bars sideways, and to tie all components with straps. Then, we put them in bike bags, and stored them in our quarter berth.

The bags are nothing special, but allowed us to carry them with us aboard trains while in Japan.