Devine is on a bike on a grassy shore, facing back to us in front of water with an imposing building with a spherical wing in the background.

These bikes have traveled far with us. We crossed oceans with them aboard our boat, and did not regret bringing them along.

Rek is cycling over concrete walkway, a skateboard strapped to their backpack, in a small Japanese ocean-side village

Do the bikes rust? No, our bikes don't rust, the frames are aluminum and we keep the steel chains and hubs well-oiled(3 in 1 oil). Always apply lube to a dry chain.

Where do you keep your bikes?. When in port for a long time, we keep them outside, locked to a strong point on the boat. When we move the boat, or during the winter/rainy season, we stow them inside. We stow the bikes inside in either the v-berth, or quarter berth. The best way to stow them is to take both wheels off, to remove the pedals, turn the handle bars sideways, and to tie all components with straps. We cover the bikes with a bike bag.

a bike on a marina dock with the two wheels off and strapped to the frame

The bags are nothing special, but allowed us to carry them with us aboard trains while in Japan.