Sprouting seeds is a good way to transform dried foods into fresh foods, sprouting reduces anti-nutritional compounds in raw legumes making more of their nutrients available. Microgreens are germinated legumes grown up to 10cm, microgreens contain considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids, about five times greater than their mature plant counterparts.

Sprouting offers a constant, and reliable supply of fresh and healthful food. Dry seeds last a long time, and take up little space. Sprouting is also a good way to cut down on cooking time, thus saving fuel.

On the boat, we sprout lentils, radish and fenugreek. To learn more about growing food aboard a sailboat, we recommend:

Sprouting lentils

A photo of 4 sprouting jars hanging mouth side down, with a variety of sprouts growing inside held back by a mesh


We experimented with growing microgreens. As always, lentils perform best over other seeds.

a hand holding a bundle of lentil microgreens a hand holding a bundle of lentil microgreens, tilting the bundle to show the roots