solar box cooking

Box cookers consisted of an insulated box with a clear cover, topped off by several reflectors. It is possible to built one using a variety of low-cost materials. With such a design, it is better to cook with lidded dark-colored pots(not SS, as it'll reflect light), and to have the inside of the box also be dark, to further draw in the heat. The clear cover permits the light to enter, and then keeps the heat from escaping.

Box cookers designs can be large enough to accomodate multiple pots, making it ideal for big families. In such a system, the cooking temperature range is 135-200°C (275-392°F)(according to this source).

With such ovens, it is okay to allow the solar oven to pre-heat outside(not recommended for solar evacuated tube cooking). Allowing the space to gather heat will make it easier to bake bread, or cakes.

Note. We don't have much experience with this, but we plan to build a simple design soon to experiment with.