We carry many devices onboard, some for everyday tasks, while others are reserved for low-power situations.

In 2016, we moved aboard Pino with two MacbookPro 2012s. One of them died in Mexico in late 2016 (see tools ecosystem for details). A friend gave us a used MacbookPro 17", but it was too power-hungy for the boat, and it later died in 2020 during our passage from Japan to Canada across the north pacific ocean(a giant jar of umeshu exploded over it).

Most of our computers are secondhand, donated to the studio between 2017 and now. We'd like to thank the following people: Josh Auget for the x250Thinkpad, John Eternal for the MacbookPro 13" 2010, Brian Crabtree for the Pinebook, and Lloyd Williams for the MacbookAir 2013 11".

Main work stations:

Current issues:

Devine's main workstation used to be a x250 Thinkpad running Manjaro. But in late 2022, the motherboard got fried. Devine is now using the first machine (MacbookPro 2012) they first brought onboard in 2016. It works fine, but it draws more power than a Thinkpad, and isn't as easily repaired. This laptop continues to be our backup should other machines fail. We are looking for another Thinkpad to harvest parts from.

Note: We are always looking for backup used laptops, if you can help us on that front, let us know at hundredrabbits at gmail dot com.

Other work stations: