galley plumbing

Whangarei, New Zealand.

In Canada, and all the way down to Mexico, we were using our salt water pump in the galley, and unfortunately, in warmer waters, it caused the inside of the sink drains to corrode. We had to replace those, but removing the drains meant disconnecting the pipes below, which in turn revealed some pretty nasty stuff.

The pipes were clogged, and old - overall disgusting. So. What started as a drain-replacing project, turned into a galley sink overhaul. We spent much time at Mitre10, laying pipes out on the floor, to find the right-sized elbows and tubes.

"Okay. Drain head, goes to the lock joint, which goes to the tube, upsized to another, bigger joint, to another tube, to an elbow, to another tube..."

We had a nice puzzle thing going on, an exploded view of our future sink setup. Employees in the store stood around us, helping us find the correct parts.

Passing pliable pipes through floors and narrow gaps is always tough. We taped the end of the pipe to the new one and pulled, hoping it wouldn't come apart in the process. Do it slow, so slow, otherwise you're FUCKED. Being gentle and patient is a common tactic when it comes to boat projects.

We also replaced the galley faucet. The boat had a pressure faucet before, but we didn't use it, because we prefer to use the foot pump—more economical you see. Every press is a 1/4 cup of water. We removed the pressure faucet, as well as the old foot pump faucet that came through inside the sink (which had also begun to leak). We installed our new faucet head between the two sinks, in the place of the old one, and plugged up the hole the foot pump faucet left behind. We opted for a simple model, because the more extravagant, heavy duty one with a pumping handle didn't fit in that space vertically—shame (see update below).

Victoria BC, Canada

Our sink is now equipped with a Fynspray WS-62 brass hand pump! The pump came off an old boat, and was sold to us at a very good price. We were looking for a durable replacement to our baby foot pump, it was leaking badly during our trip across the north pacific ocean and the new models did not fit our pedals. The hand pump doesn't draw out too much water, and looks very good.