food storage

We like to use 10 L plastics bins designed for drinking water to store large quantities of grains and other dried goods, like legumes and rice. Food-grade plastics are identified by the recycling number on the bottom. 1, 2, 4 and 5 are food-grade, but also to check to see if they are “food-safe”. Food-grade plastics are very stable and won’t degrade in sunlight, but they may have been treated with a dye that compromises the bucket and could leach into your stored food or water.

We also carry 4 L jars for other items, as well as 1 L ones. We also use 1 gallons carboys to store grains.

To prevent bug infestations in large quantities of grains, use dry ice. Foods to buy in bulk include anything that might attract weevils, including: Flours, cereal, rice, quinoa, pasta, oats, barley, corn and wheatberries. See our notes on provisioning.