food storage

We like to use glass to store food, especially big glass carboys. Plastic bins designed for drinking water are also good to store large quantities of grains and other dried goods, like legumes and rice. Food-grade plastics are identified by the recycling number on the bottom. 1, 2, 4 and 5 are food-grade, but also to check to see if they are “food-safe”. Food-grade plastics are very stable and won’t degrade in sunlight, but they may have been treated with a dye that compromises the bucket and could leach into your stored food or water.

We also carry 4 L jars for other items, as well as 1 L ones. We also use 1 gallons carboys to store grains.

Foods that might attract weevils include: flours, cereal, rice, quinoa, pasta, oats, barley, corn and wheat berries. Store in air-tight glass or thick-walled containers so that if there is an infestation in one jar, the insects won't be able to escape to contaminate other containers. See our notes on provisioning.