choosing upholstery foam

Foam Density. A liveboard boat gets more use, which ought to be considered when choosing a foam density. Higher density foams(which have less air in them) are higher quality and last longer. Sailrite recommends using a foam with a density of 1.13kg(2.5lbs) minimum. They also recommend layering foams(glued together) with different firmness ratings, with a firmer foam at the bottom that acts as a sort of box spring, although more comfortable it does bring up the cost considerably.

Foam Thickness. What thickness to choose depends on the available space(our saloon won't allow anything thicker than 4 inches) and your personal preference. Thickness varies from 2-15cm(1-6in).

Foam Material. Commonly memory foam is made from polyurethane, but some people choose Latex(especially for bedding) because of its durability and its antimicrobial properties. Memory foam is cheap, but Latex is costly.