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Rekka is a cartoonist and writer, Devine is a programmer and musician, together we create interactive design software as we sail around the world. Since 2016, we have sailed from Canada, the US West coast, down to Mexico, over to French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, The Marshall Islands, all the way to Japan and then back again to Canada.

We operate a small research studio called Hundred Rabbits, aboard a sailboat, where we do experiments in resilience and self-reliance using low-tech solutions.

The ways in which we spend our time vary wildly from day to day, but we focus on alternative ways to store power and minimum viable solutions for technological tooling. Read more about our philosophy, or visit the other version of our website using the Gemini protocol.


The nomadic life, is a way to embrace impermanence, as we explore systems resilience. For more information about our goals, read our mission statement.


Rekka's workstation is running the Elementary distribution of GNU/Linux, Devine's RaspberryPi workstation is running Plan 9, a compact, fully-featured OS. We shoot footage with a Sony a6000, do our video editing with Blender, the credit illustrations with Krita, the music with the Polivoks synthesiser, and we record the voice & ambient tracks with the Sony PCM-A10.


You can find the source files to all of our projects over on our SourceHut page. Pull requests are welcome. This website is coded in handwritten HTML and the sources are available here, if you find a typo, a broken link or have a code specific question, feel free to open an issue.

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