Hey everyone!

This is the official Hundredrabbits newsletter, and lists all of the changes we've done to our projects and apps during the month of January. We'll also be reporting in our on position in the world, and on our future plans.

Summary Of Changes


This month, Devine participated in Jamuary, releasing a new video of a different ORCΛ livecoding pattern for each day of the month. They are collected here in a playlist for anyone looking for inspiration or learning new ways of writing sequencers.

Also, we're still growing food aboard Pino. We re-organized a lot of the content on our website, and joined all the ones related to cooking. We've added a small section on lacto-fermentation. It's no secret, we like food and plants.

The extended version of the North Pacific Logbook is now titled Busy Doing Nothing, an hommage to our favorite Ergo Proxy episode. We're still proofreading it, and making final adjustments. Here's what it looks like on a Kindle.

Pino book club

We're reading What are People for? by Wendell Berry and Anathem by Neal Stephenson.

Where is Pino?

Victoria, BC (48 42.230'N 123 36.900'W)

Rek & Dev