Hey everyone!

This is the list of all the changes we've done to our projects and apps during the month of October. We'll also be reporting in our on position in the world, and on our future plans.

Summary Of Changes


This month, as stated above, we added RSS feeds to most of our projects. Past and current newsletter updates are now displayed on our website under Update logs, and will be released monthly on our RSS feed.

After reading passages from Kenneth Neumeyer's book Sailing the Farm, we've been experimenting with growing food aboard Pino. Sprouting seeds is a good way to transform dried foods into fresh foods. See our notes on sprouting on our Gemini space. We've added notes on a variety of topics, like heat-retention cooking and living without a fridge. These pages are best viewed with a Gemini client, like Kristall, LaGrange and Gmni.

Andrew Huang, Zomboy, Kilamanzego and Anomalie remixed Devine's ORCA track Monster, as part of Andrew's Same Sample series. Lend them your ears, they did an amazing job!

Where is Pino?

Victoria, BC (48 42.230'N 123 36.900'W)

Rek & Dev