Hey everyone!

This is the official Hundredrabbits newsletter, and lists all of the changes we've done to our projects and apps during the month of April. We'll also be reporting in our on position in the world, and on our future plans.

Summary Of Changes


This month we hosted a game jam gathering a few devs and artists interested in learning Hypercard. Both of us collaborated to create Catpot, a little cooking game. One of the entries, a remake of Kojima's P.T., was featured on Polygon. We also started migrating our repos to sourcehut, a service which aligns better with our projects.

In other news, Rekka wrote an off-the-grid starter guide for Noonsite, and Checkpoints Gaming interviewed our studio. EZBOT6 also released an excellent Orca tutorial that you should check out.

The lift in the marina was fixed, and Pino was hauled out of the water. We are happy to say that the hull suffered no damage.

Where is Pino?

Minami Ise, Mie (Japan) (34 20.148'N 136 41.123'E)

Rek & Dev