Hey everyone!

This is the official Hundredrabbits newsletter, and lists all of the changes we've done to our projects and apps during the month of July. We'll also be reporting in our on position in the world, and on our future plans.

Summary Of Changes



This month we have no project updates to offer as we have been away, sailing from Japan to Canada for 51 days. We left Shimoda, JP on June 9th, and arrived on June 28th on the shores of Victoria, BC.

We kept a log book of the happenings on the trip, Rekka is transcribing it now and we will share it once it is finished. This trip was the hardest thing we've ever done, with plenty of fog, monstrous waves, albatrosses, porpoises, humpback whales, large mid-ocean fishing fleets and plenty of time to think, little time to sleep and lots and lots of time to read.

We are under quarantine for 2 weeks, with little internet and few liberties, but after that time we'll resume our usual Hundredrabbits operations. We've got many pull requests to merge, bugs to fix, videos to edit and emails to answer, please be patient with us, we'll get to it all in time.

Meanwhile, below is a list of the books we read on this passage:

Where is Pino?

Victoria, BC (48 25.604'N 123 22.292'W)

Rek & Dev