Hey everyone!

This is the official Hundredrabbits newsletter, and lists all of the changes we've done to our projects and apps during the month of October. We'll also be reporting in our on position in the world, and on our future plans.

Summary Of Changes


This month, we released a video of the first part of our Orca workshop. The workshop event at Foulab was very long, lasting about 1h45min, and so we decided to separate the video in 3. We hope this video will be useful to you all!

Devine will perform with ORCA at the React Day Berlin afterparty on december 6th at KOSMOS. If you're in town, save the date!

Where is Pino?

Minami Ise, Mie (Japan) (34 20.148'N 136 41.123'E)

Rek & Dev