A studio on a sailboat

The idea of a nomadic design studio, we decided, was the best way to stay creative; seeing new people and places enriches our work. We created our two first games (Hiversaires and Oquonie) while in Tokyo and Thailand, and love how those experiences impacted our projects. It is something we want to continue to do, and being in a studio that moves will help us accomplish that.

We also enjoy the challenges that come with living on a sailboat, the power limitations and reduced connectivity has re-shaped how we work — in a good way.

Want to support our floating studio?

All the money we get is re-invested back into the Hundredrabbits projects. With your support we can also pay for internet and for the inevitable — and incessant — upkeep of our devices (which often break at sea, and from continued use).

Thank you so much!
Rekka & Devine