A design graphic tool

Ronin is an image processing tool.

The application interprets a dialect of LISP to automate simple graphical tasks, like resizing, cropping, coloring, and generating procedural imagery. You can look at these example files to better understand how this all works.

The first version of Ronin was produced in Ensenada, Mexico in 2016 after Rekka's Macbook died. It was re-released later in 2019 in Japan.


We create our own tools, built light to reduce our energy use, also to lessen our dependence on closed-source applications we can't repair ourselves. To read more about our design philosophy, read our mission statement.


Ronin, reimagined as a creature.




Watch the video above or follow the online workshop.


You can change the look and colour of Ronin. To do this, download themes from our page. You can view the colour palettes of each theme in the preview, once you find something you like, drag the file (.svg file) onto Ronin. The colours will change instantly.

These themes are part of the Ecosystem Theme, which means that you can apply a theme to any supported app (Dotgrid, Donsol, Orca and Left).

You can also create your own themes.

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