What is hiversaires?

Hiversaires is a point-and-click adventure game. Venture down entangled corridors, enter the dark world.




The gameplay of Hiversaires is reminiscent of games like Myst, while the art draws inspiration from the manga Blame by Tsutomu Nihei.

Like Oquonie, this game is about being lost in place that is alien, with no instructions, no dialog, and no words of any kind.


Hiversaires was created while we lived in Japan. This was Devine's first game for iOS. It was an experiment, a gamble of sorts, it is why the production time was so short (2 months). It was Devine's first commercial release, as all the previous games and prototypes were available for free.

Devine was in-between jobs at the time, making it possible to work on this project full time.

Hiversaires was released on April 3rd 2013 on iOs, it was later ported to Android by Sven Bergström. The game was later taken off the Android store because of piracy. Many users would ask for support for pirated versions of the game, resulting in much lost time and frustration. In the end, Devine thought it better to not host the game in an unhealthy ecosystem like the Android store.

On February 27th 2018, Hiversaires was re-released on all desktop platforms (on, ported by friend and collaborator Rez Mason. We decided to not publish games on platform like iOS anymore, in an attempt to stop promoting a company that profits from devices that are expensive, unrepairable and wasteful. Instead, the game was published exclusively on the store, a publishing platform that is in line with our values — know that we did not take this decision lightly.