About us

The rabbits

We are Rekka & Devine, two unlikely sailors.

Rekka is an illustrator, writer, admirer of seabirds and plants. Devine is a programmer, artist, musician, a tireless creative, pasta monarch, and fervent believer in open-source content. Together we created HundredRabbits, our studio on the water.

Why a boat?

In January 2016, we left the cold of Montreal and moved west to British Columbia. There, we purchased our sailboat Pino. Keep in mind, we were a pair of city kids with limited outdoor experience, neither of us had ever stepped onto a sailboat before.

So why a sailboat?

In 2012 we moved to Japan. There, we worked on our first games Hiversaires and Oquonie (the latter was completed in Thailand).

We love how those travel experiences impacted our projects. After we returned to Canada, we decided that traveling best fueled our work and so we looked at our options. Moving to a new country means selling all you have, we have done this countless times (and are tired of it). We had heard of people living on sailboats, like SY Lizzy Belle (David Wellsford), SY Daphne (Terese Carey) and SY Karl (Nike Steiger), and became obssessed with the idea. Lack of experience aside, we thought that being in a mobile studio would help us accomplish our desire to travel while having a stable home.

Our path

Since then, we have left Canada and have sailed down the American West Coast and over to Mexico. After that, we made the big jump across the pacific to French Polynesia, and crossed the wondrous south pacific islands of the Cooks, Niue and Tonga, and over to New Zealand. We have since left the lower latitudes and sailed up to Fiji, the Marshall Islands and then over to Japan (where we are now). We are planning on staying here for a while, experiencing Japan by sea! We share our experience in the form of monthly videos, creating art, tools, books and games.

Lifestyle experiment

We learned many things while traveling, like the importance of reducing our power usage, and the value of simple and easy to repair hardware. This has led us to change how we work:

1. We make our own tools, applications that consume less power/memory like Left, Dotgrid and Orca.

2. We size projects per location. If we are somewhere off-grid with little internet we work on smaller projects. For example, we may choose to make a book instead of a game.

3. Less is better. We work on computers for a living, but running two power-hungry laptops full-time on an off-grid system doesn't work. In response to this, when away from cities, we use raspberry Pi computers for writing and for development. They are easy to repair, cheap (good for redundancy) and draw little power.


Our goal is to keep moving, while continuing to work on cool stuff. We document our travels as we go. Our aim is to learn as much as we can about sailing and on being an off-grid digital nomad. We want to create high-quality free content, and to make it available to those who could otherwise not afford it.

We create our own apps, which are lightweight and tailored to our needs. To read more about our design philosophy read our mission statement.

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