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Sailed 9326nm

Spent 57'162$

Sail to Whangarei, NZ +1199nm
Sail to Vava'u, Tonga +234nm
Capsule 5 3 months ago Sail to Niue +580nm
​Cook Island News
Refilled propane 4 months ago Sail to Rarotonga +534nm
Changed 2 fuel filters 4 months ago Changed oil filter 4 months ago Changed oil 5 months ago Sail to Huahine +90nm
After 3 days in Moorea, we left expecting no wind. Instead, had a great calm sail, not a lot of swell. Tested out the LED bulbs that we put in our running lights, in our attempt to use less power at night. Arrived in Huahine to find that the pass to go to Avea bay was all the way to the north, arrived 2 hours later because of that.
Season 2 Episode 5 5 months ago Thousand Rooms 5 months ago Season 2 Episode 4 6 months ago Sail to Papeete +210nm
Boisterious passage inbetween the atolls, but the wind died later that night so we used the iron wind to get to Tahiti. Tahiti from afar, looked like a sinking ship with all the lights and the shape of the island. It kept us busy for a while.
Sail to Rangiroa +580nm
Arrived into the anchorage with 30kts of winds, as always. It calmed down once we arrived inside, was our first time anchoring amongst coral heads. We learned how to keep our anchor rode off the ground using fenders as floats!
Season 2 Episode 3 7 months ago ​Canard PC magazine
Rekka Bellum & Devine Lu Linvega: Deriveurs professionels
Sail to French Polynesia +2700nm
Had both calm and very rough weather, met a ship at the equator, learned to reef very quickly and efficiently, had too many tortillas, saw an orca whale and saw our wind meter die, and come back to life.
Season 2 Episode 2 8 months ago Refilled propane 10 months ago Season 2 Episode 1 10 months ago Donsol 10 months ago Generator -1100$
Season 1 Episode 12 11 months ago Oquonie 11 months ago Replaced oil filter, oil change 11 months ago Our Downstairs Neighbor Audio
Story about our downstairs neighbor Calcifer.
Sail to La Paz +910nm
Very long and painful sail, left with big weather from the north. With the wind at our back it wasn't too bad though. Stopped in Bahia Tortugas for one night, seeing as there was no wind. Left the next day, tore our mainsail, but fixed it up again underway. Rounded the bottom of baja california to get into the sea of Cortez and met a wall of wind. Had to wait in San Jose Del Cabo for the weather to settle before we could motor our way up. Stopped at Playa Bonanza before making the run to La Paz.
Season 1 Episode 11 12 months ago Capsule 3 12 months ago Outboard Engine -850$
Season 1 Episode 10 12 months ago Replaced fuel filter 12 months ago Sail to Ensenada +80nm
Celebrated our crossing into Mexico with a japanese beer, figures. Tried to anchor at Todos Santos islands at night, but the anchorage was full of fish pens and large moorings. We left, and anchored somewhere we weren't supposed to in the Ensenada Harbour. Woke up to police calling out to us at 5am, telling us that we were sitting where the cruiseships come when they let off passengers. Found out you couldn't anchor anywhere in Ensenada anymore, so we went to Baja Naval... can't say we've been to a marina with such swell before. Had to make sacrificial lines to spare our docking lines from chafe.
Sail to San Diego +160nm
Stressful times crossing big shipping lanes around Long Beach, after that the wind died and we had to motor-sail. The swells near San Diego were unpleasant, and we got stuck in a kelp bank after entering the harbour. Fun times.
Replaced air filter 13 months ago Sail to Los Angeles +350nm
Had a lot of trouble with our engine, kept overheating. We fixed in in San Luis Obispo thankfully. We sailed around Point Conception, as always, there was no wind. Dolphins escorted us to LA, it was amazing.
Season 1 Episode 9 13 months ago ​Patreon Feature
In Our House
Windvane -1000$
Capsule 2 14 months ago Sail to Treasure island +10nm
We spent many days anchoring in Clipper Cove in treasure island. The sail there was crazy, lots of boats out on the water. We're not used to dodging other sailboats.
Oil Change 14 months ago Replaced secondary filter 14 months ago Gennaker -650$
Season 1 Episode 8 15 months ago VICE Feature
​The Nomads of Game Development
Sail to Alameda +10nm
We motor sailed with Rekka's parents to Alameda to visit BluePelican, a used marine goods store. The sail was quiet, no wind or waves. Uncommon for the San Francisco bay area.
Metronews Feature
Life aboard a boat lures new generation of romantics
Capsule 1 15 months ago Sail to San Francisco +700nm
Arrived on the evening of the 25th. We sailed 700nm, in heavy fog and cold, through pods of whales and high seas. We rounded the dreaded Cape Mendocino with ease, and cautiously crossed the bars to Newport, Fort Bragg and San Francisco. The trip cost us our Gennaker, torn to shreds by gusting winds. Our auto-pilot also died 100nm from San Francisco, we hand-steered the rest of the way.
Impressions From The Sea Audio
Our second story comes from Mike Michalik who sailed from Poland to Greenland.
Sail to Maple Bay +38nm
Had amazing wind coming over to Vancouver Island, we arrived in record speed. Decided to take a route to samsum narrows to stop at Maple Bay for our laundry.
Documentary Feature
Branching paths
Season 1 Episode 7 16 months ago Sail to False Creek +72.0nm
Had great wind while in the gulf islands. Got spat out of Porlier Pass with 8 knots of current and arrived in a becalmed Georgia Strait. Had to motor most of the way there, water was smooth and Devine spent time playing the flute. We found a great place to anchor in the bay.
A Storm Audio
A short podcast on the storm that blocked our path to Hawaii.
Dailyhive Feature
Two Canadian game developers set sail around the world
Sail to Inner Harbour +6.0nm
Decided to return to civilization for a day, to take a shower and replenish our stock. It was our first time entering a busy harbour of sea buses, giant cruise ships, military boats, whale-watching boats and coast guard vessels.
Sail to Esquimalt Harbour +60.0nm
Took the entire day to sail back to Victoria, exhausted, we settled in a military-controlled harbour. We crossed paths with many boats doing the Vic-Maui race.
Sail to Neah Bay +16.0nm
Determined to get back into the deep blue, we sailed back over to Neah Bay to wait for a good weather window, which did not come.
Sail to Clallam Bay +22.0nm
Because we had to turn on the motor to get out of the storm, we had to find a place to fuel up again. We landed in a fishermen's port, we were the only sailboat around. We arrived at low tide and couldn't reach the fuel dock, but some nice people helped us carry the heavy jugs back to Pino instead.
Sail to Port San Juan +40.0nm
After sailing in storm-like conditions for a whole day we turned around in search of a safe harbour to rest. We took turns at the helm, keeping Pino ahead of the large swells.
Sail to Hawaii Attempt +142.0nm
Sailed the Fuan de Fuca strait twice, in fog, at night and in high winds. Sailed past pods of humpback whales and sailboats racing to Maui. Had a taste of ocean sailing, but we missed our window. We are sad, but we learned a lot.
Jacklines & Lifelines -350$
Personal Location Beacon -400$
Replaced primary filter 17 months ago Replaced Anti-corrosion zinc -30 17 months ago Season 1 Episode 6 17 months ago Sail to Princess Bay +8.0nm
Went at anchor with Devine's family for lunch. Had a very nice sail in 15-20 knots of wind
Rigging Inspection -150$
Sail to Port Sidney +18.7nm
Used our Gennaker to sail back up to Sidney, we learned that day that we had been flying it wrong. Again.
Sail to Cadboro Bay +21.2nm
Sailed at 3 knots for most of the way, yet another sail when we didn't pay attention to the currents. Spent an hour trying to power through stront currents around discovery island.
Sail to Aleck bay +29.9nm
Hurried over to make it at slack tide through Deception Pass. Underestimated the strenght of the currents and didn't make it to Hunter Bay. Had to settle for a bay at the south of Lopez island instead.
Sail to Oak Harbor +34.0nm
Slow sail in the rain, had to motor through fog in Saratoga passage because of the unforcasted complete absence of wind.
Sail to Edmonds +8.2nm
Short sail to get a head start for the next day
Sail to Shilshole Bay +32.8nm
Sailed downwind with the Gennaker successfully for the first time!
Sail to Port Townsend +34.2nm
Sailed at night for the first time, surfing on 6ft waves.
Sail to Port Angeles +20.9nm
Sailed across the Juan de Fuca Strait and into US waters for the first time. Strong winds and currents helped us get over there quickly, our topmost speed was 9kts.
Anchor & Chain -1300$
Sail to Victoria +16.5nm
Quiet sail, harbormaster put us on the tiniest of docks which made arriving and leaving difficult.
Satellite Phone -1100$
Handheld VHF & GPS -550$
Sail to North Saanich +6.0nm
Quick trip to pick up our decals. Ended up staying a few days to put the new name on the boat.
Sail to Port Sidney +16.5nm
Saw orca whales for the first time
Sail to Genoa Bay +8.0nm
Tried and failed to setup the Gennaker. Multiple times.
Season 1 Episode 5 18 months ago Sail to Maple Bay +15.9nm
Had a close encounter with a BC ferry, we waved hello. This was our laundry stop.
Sail to Royal Cove +10.0nm
Spent 3 nights at anchor, explored Portland Island and stern-tied for the first time.
Sail to North Saanich +6.5nm
Tried to identify marine mammals passing by the boat, unsuccessfully. Was it a dolphin?
Sail to South Pender Island +17.6nm
Slow sail in unfavorable currents. Fun times with our friends who were visiting from Montreal.
Sail to SaltSpring Island +23.0nm
Very windy sail, ranging from 15-20 knots. Had to motor most of the way because of opposing currents and winds.
Sail to Maple Bay +17.0nm
Had a very slow but fun sail with friends from Montreal. Accidentally sailed against the current coming out of Sidney.
Sail to Sidney +16.8nm
Sailed all the way, tacked a BILLION times.
Sail to Salt Spring Island +17.5nm
Very rainy morning, hardly any wind. Sailed when we reached the south-eastern tip of Saltspring Island.
Sail to Clam Bay +28.0nm
Crossed the Strait of Georgia, sailed the first half and motored the other to get to Porlier Pass on time for slack tide. Went to anchor for 2 nights.
Sail to Caulfield Cove +6.7nm
Had fun doing a few tacks inbetween cargo ships anchored in english bay. First night at anchor.
Sail to False Creek +7.9nm
Short sail with almost no wind, caught a beautiful sight of Vancouver.
Sail to Eagle Harbour +21.4nm
Shackle connecting the boom to the traveller snapped on our way out of Silva Bay. Used our old halyard shackle to fix it. Sailed in 20 knts of wind at an average speed of 7 knots accross the Georgia Strait. Saw a lot of tugboats carrying immense loads.
Replaced gearbox oil, zincs 19 months ago Kill Screen Feature
Making games on a sailboat
Sail to Silva Bay +14.1nm
Realized our genoa furler is dented, had trouble pulling it in and out during our sail. Saw a lot of seals, or \'sea plops\' as we like to call them.
Season 1 Episode 4 19 months ago Inflatable Dinghy -870.00$
PLASTIMO Raid II Inflatable Tender
Solar Panels & Controller -1300.00$
Installed a solar panel on the deck in front of the mast and on top of the bimini
Sail to Nanaimo +20.2nm
Sailed at 6.5 knots through Stuart Channel and passed nervously through Dodd Narrows. Had difficulty docking in Nanaimo because of 25-30 knots of wind.
Sail to Ladysmith +16.8nm
First time sailing all the way to our destination, at ~6.5 knots in 15-20 knots of wind. We\'re getting good at this.
Sail to Maple Bay +17.2nm
Opened the mainsail and genoa, had our first real motorless sail in Sansom Narrows. Averaged a speed of 6.2 knots.
Sail to Sidney Spit +17.2nm
Accidentally locked ourselves out of the boat and nearly lost our boat hook in the ocean because of high winds.
Sail to Victoria +16.5nm
Opened our genoa and our main sail for the first time, we averaged a speed of 6.2 knots.
Sail to Sidney Spit +5nm
Followed SV Empathy into Sidney Spit, learned how to tie onto a mooring buoy.
Sail to North Saanich +16.5nm
The boat was struck with high winds coming out of Maple Bay. We traveled at an average speed of 6 knots.
Sail to Maple Bay +16.9nm
Motored most of the way but did a few tacks in Sansom Narrows. Friends showed us how to open the mainsail. We traveled at an average speed of 5 knots.
Season 1 Episode 3 20 months ago Foul Weather Gear -2100.00$
Cycled to Victoria from North Saanich to get specialized gear from Trotac
Insurance -619.00$
Found Mardon, a company that insures liveaboards
Yearly Sat Phone Plan -660$
Sales Tax -4500.00$
Didn't remember we had to pay this. Made a dent in our wallets.
Season 1 Episode 2 21 months ago Moving Aboard 21 months ago
Registration -275.00$
Inspection -528.00$
Haul Out -300.00$
  • Yamaha
  • Length 33ft(10.16m)
  • Built 1982
  • Engine 13HP
  • Read more
  • Tall Rig
  • Hull Fiberglass
  • Draft 6.25ft(1.91m)
  • Keel Fin
  • _
Yamaha 33 Sloop -38000.00$
VHF Radio Classes -150.00$
Cycled to Richmond from Burnaby to take our class, we aced it
Season 1 Episode 1 22 months ago Moving To Vancouver 22 months ago
Leaving Party 22 months ago
Motherboard Feature
A design studio on a sailboat
GoPro Camera -410.00$
  • Devine Lu Linvega
  • 1986.03
  • Developer
  • English, French, Russian
  • @neauoire
  • Rekka Bellum
  • 1984.12
  • Illustrator
  • English, French, Japanese
  • @rekkabell
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